Brockville residents flocking to new Stacked Pancake and Breakfast House

Stacked Pancake and Breakfast House opened in Brockville Sept. 9. – Photo by Sarah Burtch

The positive reviews for Brockville’s new breakfast spot are ‘stacking’ up. 

Brockville is a small city, yet offers a great array of popular and successful restaurants. Although still new, Stacked Pancake and Breakfast House seems to be no exception.

Located at 2399 Parkdale Avenue, Brockville’s Stacked is one of the newest of the popular restaurant chain. The breakfast hub, open daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., is centrally located in the busy shopping plaza that also includes Bulk Barn, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Planet Fitness. 

The local interest and foot traffic has been steadily growing since the restaurant opened its doors on Saturday, Sept. 9. 

Manager Prabhjot Singh stated that the opening day was supposed to be a “soft launch,” but once word got out about the new restaurant, many people showed up. According to him, “it was certainly not a soft opening” in the end. 

Singh elaborated that this momentum has not slowed in the subsequent weeks and that they have been very busy nearly every day since their opening; he speculates this is due to the lack of breakfast places in Brockville. 

The restaurant’s specialty is indicated in its name, with large and fluffy piles of “signature stack” pancakes served with a variety of fun toppings to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. 

Brockville resident Alex Thompson visited the restaurant on opening weekend, and described the popular stacks as “ totally delicious.” He particularly recommended the “Cinnabon” pancakes. 

Another patron, Lisa Lynch, described the interior atmosphere as “lively, vibrant, and colourful.”  

In addition to the pancake menu, the restaurant also serves some more savoury plates like omelettes and hash browns. There is also a full lunch menu to choose from including a variety of burgers, wraps, and sandwiches. Stacked prides itself on being a family-friendly eatery, with options for anyone in the family to leave the establishment happy and satisfied. 

If you’re looking for a new brunch hangout on a Sunday morning, stop by Stacked to see if their signature pancake stacks live up to the hype.

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