Brockville police will not lay charges in apparent road rage incident involving firefighter

A screen shot from an apparent road rage incident that took place in Brockville on Saturday, Oct. 28. – Screengrab via video on Facebook

Brockville police have confirmed that they will not be pursuing charges in a case of apparent road rage that took place last month.

A video that circulated on social media appeared to show two men engaged in an altercation while parked at a stop sign in Brockville. While outside of their respective vehicles, a man driving a grey sedan shoved and then punched in the face a second man who was standing beside a red truck. The man doing the punching was later confirmed to be a firefighter with the township of Elizabethtown-Kitley.

Staff Sergeant Darryl Boyd told Brockvilleist that the investigation is now complete.

“The victim was not wishing to proceed with charges and court,” Boyd confirmed. “Therefore, officers respected those wishes.”

 Boyd said that incidents of this severity are routine investigations for officers and “rarely receive any attention” from the public.

“Some individuals attempt to create negativity towards police investigations regardless of the circumstance,” he continued. “Our service takes pride in conducting thorough investigations and will not waiver from that regardless of pressures on social media. It’s our duty to be thorough.”


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