New housing development proposed for Row’s Corners

An artist’s rendering of what the development will look like. – Submitted photo

Elizabethtown-Kitley Township recently hosted Marc Koran and Raffaele Freddi from Quebec-based Campus Habitations for an announcement concerning their proposed development at Row’s Corners. This development, pending analysis and approvals, aims to provide a housing solution tailored to local workforce needs while adhering to CMHC affordability guidelines.

The development will be broken up into three phases; Phase 1 will look to create 140 suites, and they would aim to build more than 600 units by the end of Phase 3.

“Based on approvals, if Phase One begins in the spring of 2024, they will look to have the units move in ready by summer 2025,” township administrator Leslie Drynan told Brockvilleist.

She explained that there are no timelines known yet for Phases 2 or 3.

“Mr. Koran and Mr. Freddi, along with their entire team at Campus Habitations, have been exemplary to work with,” said Mayor Brant Burrow in a media release. “They met every timeline commitment they made to us, and readily incorporated our feedback throughout their initial due diligence and design work.”

The proposal aims to address the pressing local housing crisis in a thoughtful manner. Recognizing the property’s recreational significance, Council emphasized the need for any proposal to honour its historical value. Campus Habitations responded by integrating various active and passive recreational amenities into their design, alleviating financial pressures on the Township.

“Beyond the significant recreational component of the proposal, the tasteful low-rise architecture of the buildings and the spacious layout of the site plan all contribute to a livable community which will not only be attractive from day one, but whose character should also stand the test of time,” reads a media release from the Township.

“We are pleased to partner in bringing an asset that will benefit not only the Township but also extend its impact beyond our borders,” commented Mayor Burrow, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and seizing opportunities.

This milestone owes in part to the St. Lawrence Corridor Economic Development Commission’s efforts, of which the Township is a member, to attract substantial development to the region. The Corridor’s focus on balancing industrial growth with housing solutions paved the way for Campus Habitations’ choice of Row’s Corners for their inaugural Ontario project.

“The Corridor is extremely proud, as is the Township, that Campus Habitations has selected this site as the location for its inaugural build in Ontario,” said Commissioner, Charlie Mignault. “When developers with a pedigree like theirs choose to invest in this region, it says something about what we have to offer.”

This transformative opportunity stems from Elizabethtown-Kitley Council’s strategic planning, which prioritized maximizing property value and supporting developers in initiating new projects. Through thorough discussions and resolutions passed in 2023, culminating in the submission of a site plan, the Township is now engaging the public in the subsequent phases of this promising development.

An artist’s rendering of what the proposed development will look like. – Submitted photo

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