More money needed for Gananoque lagoon work

Gananoque Town Hall all decked out for Christmas. – Hollie Pratt-Campbell/Brockvilleist

Gananoque council has approved a budget deviation of up to $125,000 for the lagoon road and berm maintenance project, to be funded from the wastewater reserves.

This occurred during the Dec. 19 council meeting.

On June 20, council approved funding this project as an emergency repair, to an upset limit of $897,992.01, plus the town’s portion of the HST at $15,804.66, totalling $913,796.67.

Subsequently on Oct. 10, council approved a motion that allowed for a budget deviation to an upset limit of $142,000 for this project.

But according to staff, after reviewing final project variance calculations for the additional imported clay materials, the total expenditures cannot be absorbed within the contingencies of the approved budget.

Following the conclusion of the lagoon berm construction project, the final clay quantities hauled to site was reported to be 14,519.50 m3, 45 per cent more that the estimated volume of 10,000 m3.

The volume of imported clay material required was mainly for the clay keyway, however, as the project progressed additional clay was needed in certain areas.

For example, at the northeast corner of Cell No. 1, after extensive vegetation removal from this area of the lagoon, additional clay material was required to restore excessive voids and to level the top side of the berm properly. The additional clay required was not factored into the clay estimate calculations.

Elsewhere, three low-lying areas on the back side of lagoon berms required additional clay material to build the berm to specification. Due to the ponding of water, the extent of these areas was not covered during the topographic survey and the material required to backfill these areas was not quantified into the clay estimate calculations, so more clay material was required in ponding areas.

The staging area on the south side of the lagoon cell also needed additional materials. The quantity of materials needed to provide an acceptable slope for the access road was underestimated due to a change in the location of the staging area. The additional imported material estimate did not include the change in location and additional imported fill material was needed.

As well, at the time of the original survey, the water level in the lagoon was half a meter above the proposed bottom of the slope for the inside berm. Due to the water level, the toe of the bottom of the slope along the interior berm could not be accurately determined. More imported clay material was required to complete this section of the interior of the berm.

This repair project, which was not included in the 10-year wastewater capital plan, will now total a cost of $1,180,797.

It is possible that Cells No. 2 and No. 3 will require similar repairs in the next three years, it was noted to council. This budget deviation will be funded through an additional draw from the wastewater reserve.

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