‘Bring people together’: Shinny now at North Grenville Municipal Centre


Shinny hockey has arrived at the North Grenville Municipal Centre.

Starting Thursday, January 18, this drop-in, recreational activity is offered to the public for $5 cash on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

“We could see the demand for shinny on the newly established refrigerated outdoor rink in Riverside Park and wanted to offer other options to the community,” Mayor Nancy Peckford told Brockvilleist. “We had some under-utilized times at the indoor arenas and thought we would give it a try.”

Local Kemptville mom Ashley’s (last name not included by request) son has played hockey on various teams within North Grenville.

“This is great news because these boys love hockey and it’s nice they have a place to go and play together and meet new people and make new friends,” Ashley said. “It keeps them active and out of trouble.”

When asked whether she thinks this program will be successful in the community, Ashley stated “Yes , I know these programs will be successful in the community. It’s a great thing for the community to do and gives families an opportunity to try hockey and learn from other kids at the same time. It brings the kids together and off electronics.”

Peckford has heard similar positive remarks from others in the area. 

“People have been very appreciative,” she said. “The reality is that there are many folks in North Grenville that have played hockey in the past and would love the chance to come together informally to play from time to time without being part of a more formal league.”

She continued, “North Grenville doesn’t have a ton of indoor recreational options in the winter, so to bring people together to play shinny and have a little fun obviously is a good investment in their well being, provides the chance for people to meet each other if they are new to the area and use some of those hockey skills they developed.”

Peckford reiterated that this shinny hockey program is for recreational, non-competitive play only and is open to all skill levels. The games will be unsupervised and self-organized among participants. Proper hockey gloves and CSA-approved helmets are mandatory for those on the ice.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are open for all ages, however, weekend shinny games will be divided into appropriate age groups. If you’re eager to lace up your skates, you can check out the full schedule at  www.northgrenville.ca/events

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