‘Like nothing we have ever done before’: Brockville Operatic Society celebrates 70 years with a show of Broadway classics

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Calling all Broadway buffs!

The Brockville Operatic Society will be introducing ‘70 years of Broadway to Brockville’ at the Brockville Arts Centre on March 8 and 9.

Showcasing music from the legendary musicals we all know and love like Oklahoma, Carousel, Grease and Annie, the Operatic Society hopes to have the whole audience singing along.

Brockvilleist spoke to Managing Director Peter Yerdon and Musical Director Lynda Joanisse about the process of creating and executing this unique show. 

“Last year the Brockville Operatic Society hit our 70th anniversary and the board of directors wanted to honour that milestone with a celebration,” said Joanisse. “As most of our productions that have been on Broadway or are based on Broadway productions, we felt the theme was fitting.”

Joanisse had a difficult task at hand to narrow down 70 years of musicals into a two hour performance.

“Two considerations shaped the song choices: One, I wanted to pick songs where the ensemble would be highlighted and two, I wanted the musical to be beloved by all,” she explained. “I think we accomplished that as our practices have been filled with joy and excitement at each song selection. The ensemble numbers are often the most stirring and passionate parts of Broadway musicals. Imagine a show filled with those high points? Amazing!”

“Without giving too much away, this show will be like nothing we have ever done before in this format,” Yerdon said. “Normally when we do an “In Concert” the choir backs up the soloist. Lynda and I were both on the same page in that the focus will be on the choir. We are also adding some choreography to this show.”

“The community members who committed to this show had a tall order to conquer in just over 2 months,” Joanisse continued. “They have really put their hearts and souls into learning so many songs!”

Yerdon is looking forward to seeing everyone in the cast showcase their talent for the community.

“If you can imagine 80 plus voices singing some of the biggest Broadway numbers… It will be truly amazing. The sound will be over the top. This is also a great way to have many people featured in one of our productions, both adults and kids.”

Tickets are available to purchase through the Brockville Operatic Society website at https://www.brockvilleoperaticsociety.org/. Those interested in joining the longstanding theatre group for future performances can do so at https://www.brockvilleoperaticsociety.org/membership-form

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