Rideau Lakes to ‘keep tabs on’ CAIVAN tourist development on Bobs Lake

There are tourism and event facilities proposed for South Frontenac Township and Rideau Lakes received a notice of a public meeting because the development is located on lands that are 120 metres from northwest corner of their municipality on Bobs Lake.

The Township of Rideau Lakes will be “keeping tabs” on a tourism development in a neighbouring municipality as it borders the north end of the township.

Rideau Lakes Township received a notice from the Township of South Frontenac regarding the proposed development of tourist and event facilities on Bobs Lake.

Rideau Lakes received the notice because the South Frontenac property owner applied to change the zoning on land located within 120 metres of a property owned by Rideau Lakes.

The property address is 162 Campground Lane, and the applicant is CAIVAN Properties Holding.

This notice of the public meeting came to the Rideau Lakes planning and advisory committee meeting on Jan. 24.

Malcolm Norwood, manager of development services, said, “This is for a substantial commercial development for a tourist lodging establishment.”

That includes a four-room hotel, a lodge space with a restaurant and conference centre, four one-bedroom cabins, three two-bedroom cabins and associated parking and amenity areas.

The subject property is a former child’s camp and is currently zoned Recreation Resort Commercial Special Exception. The application will amend the zoning of the property to permit additional uses to facilitate the proposed development. Site-specific performance standards are also proposed to permit the development of some of the cabins in the existing development within the 30-metre setback of Bobs Lake.

Norwood noted that the development is located just northwest of Westport.

“In terms of our municipal review, I’m not recommending we provide any formal comments to the Township of South Frontenac,” Norwood said. “Primarily because Bobs Lake is entirely confined in that municipality. It’s not like it’s a lake that we necessarily share, and I don’t really see any overarching traffic concerns [spilling] over into our municipality because of this. But it’s certainly something we’re going to be keeping tabs on. I know South Frontenac has had a couple of large tourist/commercial types of applications that they’ve been dealing with in the past … It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.”

At this point, Norwood said they’re just receiving the notice, “and we’ll certainly keep the community apprised of any further notices that we receive.”


A public meeting on the notice of application will be held virtually on Zoom and in person on Feb. 6 at 7 p.m. in the South Frontenac council chambers, located 4432 George St. in Sydenham.

To participate virtually, you must register for the Zoom webinar via the Events Calendar at www.southfrontenac.net starting four to five days before the hearing. To participate in person at council chambers, guests are asked to contact the clerk to secure a spot as seating is limited admin@southfrontenac.net.

If you don’t wish to participate directly, you can still watch the meeting on live stream at www.facebook.com/pg/SouthFrontenacTwp/videos/

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