‘Remain vigilant’: Gananoque Fire Service warns of solicitors

The Gananoque Fire Service is making the public aware of an individual or individuals who have been approaching community members on a door-to-door basis.

This individual or individuals, are soliciting the sale of fire protection equipment, the fire service says.

“Please be aware that the Gananoque Fire Service does not sell fire protection equipment to community members and is in no way associated with this business or initiative,” fire officials said in a statement.

It’s important to note, the fire service says, that although the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms (CO alarms in structures that possess a fuel fired appliance or attached garage) is required by law, there is no legal requirement for an individual dwelling unit to possess a fire alarm system in their home. This system does not supersede the requirement for smoke/CO alarms.

“We are asking that the Gananoque community remain vigilant in this area,” the statement continues. “Our fire inspector wears a uniform and possesses identification. If you are approached by someone who is claiming that you require a fire safety audit of your home, you are not required to allow them access into your residence.”

Anyone with questions or concerns regarding the fire protection equipment in their home is asked to reach out to Community Safety Officer Andrew Kent at 613-382-3334, extension 2306.

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