Gananoque approves new townhouse development

A conceptual design illustrates the proposed stacked townhouses for 425 Fourth Street in Gananoque. (SUBMITTED) A conceptual design illustrates the proposed stacked townhouses for 425 Fourth Street in Gananoque. – Submitted photo

New residential units are coming to Gananoque.

On Tuesday, Gananoque council unanimously approved a development application by Horizon Legacy for the residential units on 425 Fourth Street.

Horizon Legacy wants to develop two blocks of stacked townhouse units that will include a total of 26 residential units at the Fourth Street location. The proposal also includes a detached combined one-storey laundry and garbage building located between the two blocks of townhouse units and an electrical building near the entrance to the property.

Eight of the units will be geared to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s affordability formula.

The entrance located from Fourth Street will provide an internal driveway, which will allow access to each unit and required parking spaces. A total of 35 parking spaces are proposed, including two barrier-free parking spaces.

Construction is expected to begin in June.

“I will be so happy when these are up,” said Deputy Mayor Vicki Leakey.

“I do appreciate the fact that there’s eight (geared to the affordability formula) because we have many families that will welcome the opportunity for something where they can rent and still buy groceries.”

Mayor John Beddows thanked Horizon Legacy for their investment into the community.

“We’re looking forward to seeing what you build,” said Beddows.

The previous council approved this application in 2022. Then, the approved development consisted of five residential buildings each containing three dwelling units. The buildings were proposed to be unique in character and design.

Horizon Legacy’s intent was to assist with providing affordable housing by using new technologies and processes to reduce the traditional construction timelines. Gananoque was selected as the location to introduce and explore the new technology.

The project began with the installation of services to the site and an entrance from Fourth Street. However, based on further research, it was determined that the initial project was not affordable due to construction cost and the materials being used.

“So, what we’re seeing tonight is a revamp of that development,” said Brenda Guy, the town’s manager of planning and development.

The developer has revamped the development to continue with a feasible project. The request was to proceed with the construction of the two blocks of stacked townhouse units.

“I think what’s great for Gananoque is that they were proposing 15 units, now we’re looking at a total of 26 units,” said Guy.

The proposal provides 26 stacked townhouse units in the form of long-term rental opportunities for a mix of bachelor, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units.

The site is close to a recreational trail, connecting to other areas of town, and includes open green space and community gardens for residents within the development.

The landscape plan provides for a variety of deciduous, ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses on the property, generally located along the rear yards and in front of the stacked townhouse units.

The proposal has frontage and a new entrance onto Fourth Street, with an exterior side yard on the unopened road allowance of Birch Street. The driveway will provide access to the units and will provide property access for larger vehicles such as school buses and emergency vehicles.

The building is a combination of concrete and wood construction.

“This will contribute to our hosing supply and affordability,” said Guy.

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