Brockville Railway Tunnel to open for season May 17

Photo via City of Brockville

The Brockville Railway Tunnel will re-open for the season one week from today – Friday, May 17. It will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

A media release from the city explains that for the time being, the tunnel will feature white lights only.

“We are excited to feature Brockville’s local radio station, 104.9 Move FM inside the tunnel when it opens,” the release states.

Repairs and upgrades will continue on the tunnel to bring back the colour show in all it’s glory.

“As soon as the required parts arrive and can be installed and programmed, which we estimate will be mid summer, the show will be back in full force,” the city says. Until then, we hope that you can get out and enjoy the tunnel, as one of Brockville’s premier attractions.”

The city explains that when certain parts arrive needed for repairs, they may need to close the tunnel for a week to undergo those repairs as quickly as possible. If that happens, they’ll post an update on the city website, tunnel website, and social media channels so that everyone can plan accordingly.

Those strolling through the tunnel can read educational panels, which provide historical context and interesting facts about the attraction.

“The white lights provide the best opportunity to observe the unique geological features of the tunnel, so we encourage you to take this opportunity to dive into the history and science of the tunnel when you visit,” the release says.

Admission into the tunnel is free, although donations are greatly appreciated. Secure donation bins can be found inside the tunnel itself, or you can make a donation to the tunnel online.

“We thank you for your patience with this as we work through these repairs, and look forward to seeing you all out enjoying the tunnel this summer,” the release concludes.

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