‘Limitless energy and ambition’: Brockville’s Rotary Outdoor Rink to receive more upgrades courtesy of community group

Photo via Brockville Rotary Park Revitalization on Facebook

Even more good things are coming to Brockville’s Rotary Outdoor Rink.

At their meeting on Tuesday, May 21, the Brockville General Committee received a report from Director of Operations Phil Wood detailing proposed upgrades to the Rotary Outdoor Rink (ODR).

Representatives of the Winter Classic Group first approached the council in 2023 to suggest upgrades that they would like to undertake at the Rotary Outdoor Rink (ODR) and P&G Pavilion to enhance its ability to host recreations and events within the City of Brockville. 

In 2023, the Winter Classic Group made headway on their list of improvements by installing a new audio system and lighting system, which could support music and events.

Now, the Winter Classic Group is seeking approval on six new upgrades, which are proposed as follows:

  1. Installation of rubber matting from the change rooms to the washrooms
  2. Construction of a wheelchair-accessible seating area including landscaping and lean-to roofing
  3. Installation of a new score clock
  4. Installation of access doors on the existing benches
  5. Improved water service or onsite storage to facilitate future use of an ice resurfacer
  6. Installation of devices to mitigate problems related to overnight condensation buildup

Chair Fullarton spoke up to share her admiration for the aspirations of the Winter Classic Group, stating “I’m so encouraged. This group just seems to have limitless energy and ambition for that particular facility in our city. We’re so fortunate to have them working so hard for it.” 

She continued “It’s amazing to me that a community group is willing to put so much time and dedication and labour into raising money for what’s become such a popular facility for the people in this community so I’d like to show them support”

The committee was then asked to approve that these upgrades be funded by the Winter Classic Group and they did so unanimously without much discussion.

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