Gananoque Rotarians propose beach revitalization

A satellite image shows the Rotary Beach area in Gananoque. – Submitted photo

Staff is expected to return to Gananoque council on Tuesday with a report on the Rotary Club of Gananoque’s proposal to revitalize Rotary Beach.

The Rotary Club is proposing a three-stage plan to revitalize the park and ensure long-term stabilization of the waterfront.

Rotary Beach is a well-known area for kayakers, canoeists, dog-walkers and people who want to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Back in the day, the Rotary Club and the town ran a swimming program in the area. This was roughly from 1936 to 1986.

Rotary Club members believe the beach is part of the history of the town and want to ensure its future.

Phase one of the project includes shoreline stabilization, which would include adding one foot of four-to-six-inch stones, then topsoil over geotextile to match existing grade.

The other step of this phase would involve gazebo floor remediation, replacing sand erosion to original grade, and adding edging to stop future sand erosion. More steps include elevating the retaining wall and existing rock, installing new signs, an accessible walkaway and picnic area.

Phase two would involve the inclusion of benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, safety rings, Adirondack chairs, a historical plaque and art with a St. Lawrence River theme.

Phase three includes a kayak and canoe rack, as well as natural plantings with consultation from Watersheds Canada.

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